Sunshine Senior Assisted Living Testimonials

Dear Fibia,

I would like to thank you for the excellent care and love that you have shown my mother, Mary Gail Campbell over the past 7 years. My family and I are so very grateful that we could feel at peace on a daily basis knowing that mother was always in good hands. We never had to worry about her care, health and physical needs. She was always attended to with great respect, despite her difficult nature and mental incapabilities. We feel that we were guided into the best possible situation that we could have asked for and are very pleased that she was so well cared for through the seven years.
I was put into a very difficult situation with her and her circumstances were not usual. I am very grateful that in the beginning you walked me through everything and that your experience throughout the years helped our family cope with all my mother’s needs. I was always impressed with the quality of care, the personal touch for each resident and how you maintained your facility. I had heard very negative things about elder care from many of my friends, but I was always very pleased to share the positive experience with others about you and Radu.
*Please feel free to show this letter or give our information out as a reference to others if they have any questions. Thank you so very much.
-Nell Campbell and the boys

Just a little “thank you” for all the love and caring you give to Mother.  She is so much happier and feels safe.  Mother has told me several times that she really likes it there and enjoys her lady friends.  My siblings and I greatly appreciate all you do.
-Nicki Ledwell

Dear Fibia,
Thank you for all the countless ways in which you have helped me during my stay here.  You are a very kind and compassionate person.  It is a pleasure to watch you help the special ladies who are in your loving care.  I am very blessed to be in your Christian household.  I know that it was more than luck that brought me here.
-Mariam Steldt

Dear Fibia and Radu and family,
Thank you for the good care you gave LaVerna.  You are the best.
-Audra Bradshaw

Fibi and Radu,
It is amazing how 2 people we have only known for such a short time have become such a treasure in our hearts. God is our provider and He provides the best. You are the best and He delights in you. You were a gift to my mother to give her comfort and peace and love her last two months. Someday… a long time from now . . .she will be joyful to welcome you to your new home. A lot of people will. There will be quite a party when you 2 reunite with so many you helped cross over.
I came every day to see Mom but also I enjoyed being with you. I loved hearing Fibi sing and feeling the presence of the Lord in your home. We pray for Fibi and Radu and the blessings of the Lord on them for health and all their needs to be met. Thank you forever and we love you.
-Wendy P. K.

Dear Fibia and family,
Your gracious love and kind hearts will always be cherished.
-Karen, Regi and Pat

Dear Fibia,
Bobbie and I want to thank you for the excellent care that you, Radu and your staff have provided for making the last years for Carl Szafranski and my mother Clara Szafranski very enjoyable.  Indeed you took them in and treated them such that they felt that they were an extension of your own family.  Whenever we or any of our children visited Carla and Clara, they marveled at the environment, cleanliness, and food quality that they observed.  You are very special people, and on our occasional—often unannounced visits—your hospitality and gourmet meals were better than some of the “Five Star” restaurants we have here in Dallas.
Finding you about three years ago when we came to San Antonio to assist with moving Clara from an assisted living apartment, and Carl from a hospital had to be an intervention from the good Lord.  I was searching the internet, when a “Popup Message—“A Place for MOM” came up.  We responded— set up some visits—Sunshine Living Center was the first.  After meeting you and seeing your facility, we cancelled all other visits. Clara’s first comment when we arrived was “How in the world did you find this wonderful place!”—Many subsequent comments from Clara were that “Being with you, and ‘Raduco’ at your home was her first step to Heaven.” In Clara’s final days, it seemed that you took care of her as if she was your own mother.
Please feel free to use this letter to show to others in need of your services and have them contact us directly if they have questions.
—Bob and Bobbie McDowell

Dear Fibia,
I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care and love you have showed my mother for so many years! I would not have been able to function without you. My family greatly thanks you,
Love, Nell

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